Ripplerock Whippets

Becky Sumner  360-770-4121

Sue Ledoux  360-668-6148

Ron Buxton (just call Sue or Becky, Ron never picks up the phone or checks his email)

Mailing address—113 East Fairhaven Avenue, Burlington WA 98233


Welcome to Ripplerock Whippets.  We are fairly new to whippets, but not to purebred dogs and AKC dog shows.  You can find more information on our individual backgrounds in the “About Us” page.


We are humbled to have mentors with many years of experience assisting us with our beginnings … including Mary Dukes (Delacreme), Lori and Carey Lawrence (Starline), Janis and Art Castle (Camelot) and Sue Vernon (Summit). 


As a well known hound judge recently said, “You aren’t exactly starting at the bottom!”

Click here for information about our available show male puppy.